Defending the Unborn

Since the birth of this nation at the signing of the Declaration of Independence, it has always been clear that every human being is “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights,” and that among those rights, the first is the right to life. It is my firm conviction that life begins at conception, and as your representative, it will be my top priority to defend life at every stage, beginning with life in the womb. 

Upholding the II Amendment

The safety and security of the American people is undoubtedly the greatest responsibility the government has toward its people. The Second Amendment exists to ensure that every American has the right to bear arms as a means of defending their loved ones, their property as well as themselves. As a citizen legislator, I will unapologetically fight to uphold the constitutional right of law-abiding citizens to bear arms. 

Dedicated to Family Economics

Mandy has signed the Tax Payers League protection pledge.

As a wife, mother, and home-based small business owner, I understand that strong families are the key to economic prosperity. Far too often government regulations infringe the free market’s profound ability to generate lasting societal prosperity. Eliminating taxes and regulations that infringe on the prosperity and well-being of families and businesses will be a high priority of mine in order to make the business market more accessible and profitable for all Minnesotans.


Committed to Educational Excellence

The decision to be a homeschool mother came primarily from my core belief that the standard of education is always far better when left in the control of parents and local community members. Academic excellence is more highly attained when parents are free to choose where and how they would like to educate their children, which is why I am firmly committed to school choice, allowing parents the freedom to choose the most appropriate education options for their kids. 

Improving the quality of Healthcare

Working to replace MNSure and pushing back the federal regulations on our healthcare system is an essential step toward improving the quality of medical care for all Minnesotans. I desire to champion a patient-centered healthcare system – one that safeguards personal information and removes barriers to treatments and life-saving medications. Supporting states’ rights, I will fight for open markets, creating competition and keeping costs low for everyone. 

Fighting for our Veterans

Mandy with Jack Zimmerman, a wounded warrior who was a recipient of a new home from Helping a Hero organization, with Sen. Ted Cruz in attendance.

As brave men and women that have willingly chosen to serve and protect this great nation, our veterans deserve the very best the nation has to offer. Fighting to ensure that veterans in all stages of life are given everything they need to enjoy the freedoms they fought for is amongst my highest priorities. Providing our military heroes with proper job placement, quality housing and top-tier medical care is only the beginning of the work that can be done to show proper respect to the individuals that have sacrificed more than what many would ever be willing to lose. 


Past Endorsements