Meet Mandy

Benz Family

Mandy and her husband Gary have been married for over 17 years. As longtime residents of Anoka County, where they raised their son Brandon (16), they are fully committed to making sure the Anoka/Ramsey community remains a place for families to thrive.

Having the opportunity to be homeschool parents, Mandy and her husband consider themselves blessed because they greatly enjoy time they get to spend as a family. Together, their family enjoys hunting and fishing as well as numerous other outdoor activities. Mandy and her family are members of the recently-opened Eagle Brook Church in Anoka, where they enjoy the freedom to worship and fellowship with other Christ followers.


Career and Leadership

Mandy graduated from Rasmussen College with studies in legal criminal justice and government. Continuing her education, Mandy has gone on to study the Constitution and America’s founding by attending various courses and has had the privilege of traveling to various seminars to teach business leaders about the constitutional principles that govern this nation.

Having received multiple stage prize awards at career conferences, Mandy continues to run a successful home-based business in cosmetics where she recruits, leads and trains a professional team of business consultants.

In the 2016 primaries, Mandy served as the assistant state director and statewide grassroots coordinator for Ted Cruz, who won the Minnesota straw poll at the State Central Convention. Under her assisted leadership, she helped in growing the largest grassroots movement in the state of Minnesota. In doing so, she coordinated and directed the Ted Cruz rally that took place right here in our district at Capstone Homes in Ramsey.

Following Cruz’s exit from the presidential race, Mandy was recruited to work on the TrusTED PAC to continue Minnesota’s Cruz delegates leading into the Republican National Convention, where she helped to guide and streamline ideas for the RNC party platform and rules committee. Today the RNC has the strongest conservative platform due to efforts held by TrusTED PAC and Cruz delegates.

Prior to working for Ted Cruz, Mandy served as a legislative assistant to the MN Senate Majority Leadership for Sen. Ted Lillie, where her organizational skillset allowed her to manage constituent services, bill tracking, district coordination and town halls. Mandy’s duties were unique as Sen. Lillie often relied on her leadership to fill-in on his behalf for senate and district meetings. Her leadership and assistance on various committees gave her firsthand insight on the issues being dealt with in the state legislature. The committees she worked on include the following: Jobs and Economic Growth, Transportation, Veterans Innovations, Legislative Commission on the Metropolitan Governance (oversight committee to reign-in the Met Council).


Community Engagement and Experience

Mandy is best known for her public service as a citizen champion for grassroots activism. In the last decade she has been heavily involved in local districts as a volunteer for various positions including secretary, website manager, fundraising coordinator, vice chair and deputy chair. In addition to the positions held as a volunteer and grassroots activist, Mandy has worked to help conservative candidates get elected. Public servants such as Peggy Scott, Michelle Benson and Michele Bachmann are just a few of the numerous individuals she has worked tirelessly to help elect.

Mandy also ran respectively in her previous house district of 37A and came within just 5 points of defeating a 21-year entrenched Democratic incumbent. Outworking every other candidate on the ballot in a heavily left-leaning district, Mandy managed to win several of the precincts in contest, one of which is in the same congressional district that is represented by radical leftist Keith Ellison. Mandy’s determination to fight to earn every vote possible is exactly what delegates should be looking for when making their endorsement.